Puppy left with horrific injuries after owner ‘doused her in fuel, chained her up inside a shed and set it on fire’

by Duane Lester | April 16, 2014 7:09 pm

What kind of person sets a puppy on fire[1]?



Larry Wallace, 66, from Arcadia near Tampa was booked into the DeSoto County Jail on Monday.

Wallace was apaprently surprised at his arrest and had owned the dog for less than a year.

He now faces charges of arson and animal abuse, both felonies.

Police say Wallace chained her to a shed and set her on fire.

Police initially responded to Wallace’s home on March 20th after reports that the dog had been set on fire.

A child told investigators he saw Wallace throw water on the dog to stop the flames.

Investigators said the dog’s living area smelled of gasoline and Wallace was taken in for questioning, but he denied claims he started the fire, and was initially released.

It is not clear what new details caused authorities to arrest Wallace on Monday.

Well, the dog didn’t spontaneously combust. : Somebody doused it in gas and set it ablaze.

Here’s Wallace:



Click here[4] to see more photos.

It’s a sickening story. : Hopefully whoever did this gets punished for it.

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