Q&A Friday #22: Why Do You Spend So Much Time Covering Liberal Loons?

by John Hawkins | September 9, 2005 9:14 pm

Question: “Seriously, John, I think you may be going off the deep end. You’re very, very bright and have great ideas. Please go back to putting forth your views with your logical arguments and style…and stop giving airtime to the DU nitwits. Thanks for considering this!

I have to third(?) this we see loons here and hear the same memes from our resident trolls. I prefer it when you post your editorials instead of wacky people. I don’t like the way it makes me feel about my fellow American(t)s.

Maybe if you post DU/KOS updates in your ACPOTI and put that in your news section so if people want to see LLL, they still can.” — simulacre

Answer: I get this complaint ever so often, so it’s worth answering.

First of all, you have to understand the nature of the Democratic Underground. When the lefties over there think they’re doing well or nothing much is going on, they can hold it together. But, when a big event happens or when they’re hit with what they perceive as a political setback, they go crackers.

So, what ends up happening is you’ll see 1-2 DU related posts on RWN over a month’s time and then suddenly something will happen and there will be 5 of them in two weeks time. Even if you don’t care for those threads, don’t worry too much, because the moonbats will eventually get all tuckered out and start laying low in the fever swamps again.

As to why I love covering loony libs in general (not just at DU), there are three reasons worth mentioning:

#1) The MSM might put any dumb thing Pat Robertson says on the front page, but they have a tendency to bury embarrassing things said by liberals (If you want a perfect example of that, see Cindy Sheehan). So, by covering these things, I’m filling a niche the MSM generally ignores.

#2) Although I do occasionally get some complaints, these wacko threads are popular and they tend to draw more traffic than the average post.

#3) Understand that I don’t link these people because I think they’re on the fringes, I link them because I think they’re a whole lot more representative of modern liberal thought than most people realize.

Consider that Michael Moore was a “political rock star” in 2004, Ted Rall[1] has done cartoons for Time, The NY Times, & the LA Times, Cindy Sheehan got fawning media coverage, Howard “I hate Republicans and everything they stand for” is DNC Chairman, the Democratic Underground was linked by John Kerry’s campaign blog last year, and the Daily Kos is the biggest political blog on the planet.

These are not people and websites on the “fringes” of the Democratic Party. To the contrary, not only are they in the mainstream, they’re very popular and many of their views are held by large numbers of liberals in this country, maybe even a majority.

That’s why I think people should be informed about what these people believe and what they say because, mark my words, if Hillary Clinton ends up in the White House in 2008, you’re going to end up with people who think just like Cindy Sheehan working the DOD. You’re going to have Michael Moore types high up in the State Department. You’re going to have people like Kos or some of the loonier types at the Democratic Underground making decisions about law enforcement, taxes, judges, and everything else.

If people are going to vote for Democrats for President or Congress, so be it, but I intend to do my part to make sure that they get a real long look at the seamy underbelly of the party they’re putting in power.

  1. Ted Rall: http://www.tedrall.com/about.htm

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