Q&A Friday #22: Why Is It That Liberal Rhetoric Is More Outrageous Than Conservative Rhetoric?

by John Hawkins | September 9, 2005 12:09 am

Question: “Why is it that the Conservatives do not fire back with the same outrageous rhetoric that the Liberals use?

This latest name calling of Bush, bombs, race, levees, etc is way “over the hill.” — Roy Hughes

Answer: When a liberal says something outrageous, other liberals tend to either ignore it or circle the wagons. Their attitude is: “He’s on our side, so why should we do the rights’ job for them?”

On the other hand, when a conservative says something outrageous, other conservatives usually rip them up one side and down the other. The attitude is: “He’s on our side, so we better hammer him so people don’t think we agree with him.”

This makes all the difference because truthfully, neither side cares much about what the other side thinks.

That’s not to say that prominent conservatives don’t still say foolish things or that there aren’t some conservatives who have a bad case of, “foot and mouth disease,” but conservatives on the whole tend to be more careful about what we say because of fear of being attacked by other conservatives. Since liberals generally get a free pass from each other no matter what they say (as long as they’re attacking Republicans), they go “over the hill” a lot more often.

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