Q&A Friday #23: Why Does The Left Hate The Military?

by John Hawkins | September 23, 2005 9:11 am

Question: “Why does the left hate the military and its volunteers so much?” — rpearso3

“Why does the left hate the military and its volunteers so much? Yeah, rpearso, I’d second that one for John’s consideration. Either a discussion of why they feel that way or a discussion of how we’ve come to believe they feel that way.” — Grognard

Answer: Before I answer this, let me note that not all liberals hate the military. There are plenty of them who have as much genuine appreciation for the troops as you commonly see among conservatives. That being said, people who detest the military are almost universally on the left. It’s not hard to figure out why if you actually listen to what liberals say on a day in and day out basis.

Think about it.

If you think Bush is another Hitler, what does that make the troops carrying out his orders?

If you think we’re occupying and oppressing Iraq, how can you support the people carrying out the “oppression” and the “occupation?”

How can you support the troops when you think the mission they’re on is morally repugnant? Why would you support people who are engaged in morally repugnant acts?

If you detest conservatives and think they’re vile, rotten people, how can you love the troops who are notoriously for conservatism?

If you see no difference between a soldier accidentally killing a civilian and a terrorist deliberately killing a civilian — and many liberals don’t — then why wouldn’t you feel the same way about the soldier as the terrorist?

If the terrorists in Iraq are “freedom fighters” and “Minutemen,” then doesn’t that mean you should be rooting for our troops to lose?

Again, not all liberals feel this way, but the ones who do are just taking commonly used liberal rhetoric to its logical conclusion. Many of them just aren’t very open about their reasoning, such as it is, because there are few things that turn-off non-liberals more than trashing the troops.

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