Q&A Friday #27: What Really Happened When Kennedy Was Assassinated?

Question: “At the risk of opening the door to one of the widest arrays of conspiracy theories the world has ever seen, what do you think actually happened with the Kennedy assassination?” — maledicta

Answer: Unlike most people, I think Lee Harvey Oswald, alone, shot and killed him. Despite the bottomless well of conspiracy theories that have sprung up about Kennedy’s murder, I haven’t seen anything that has convinced me that Lyndon Johnson, the mob, Commies, the CIA or anyone else other than Oswald was involved in his murder.

A lot of people, undoubtedly, will disagree with that, but from my point-of-view, the conspiracy people have had more 40 years to make a case and, if anything, there are more competing theories, based on often conflicting sets of dodgy facts and assumptions, than ever.

So, if the truth goes beyond the obvious — and if you dig into it a little on non-conspiracy sites, it seems more likely than not that it doesn’t — then it seems unlikely that we’re going to find out what really happened at this late date anyway. But again, I think already we know what happened…

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