Q&A Friday #28: Name Your Favorite Liberals

by John Hawkins | December 2, 2005 1:33 pm

Question: “You’ve talked about your least favorite right wingers, but who’s your favorite liberal? Not just a moderate, has to be a very left wing individual.” — oneisnotprime

Answer: Ugh! This is a tough one. It’s like picking the most preferred place on your body to be whacked with a baseball bat. But, I’m going to not wimp out, I’m not going to choose Mickey Kaus, Joe Lieberman, or Christopher Hitchens here. I’m going to pick some of the real, honest to goodness libs, that I like the best, mainly because they’re occasionally honest &/or funny. But do keep in mind, the word, “like,” is very, very relative in this case.

Here you go:

Donna Brazile
James Carville
Nicholas Kristof
Al Sharpton
John Stewart

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