Q&A Friday #31: If You Couldn’t Live In The US, Where Would You Go?

by John Hawkins | January 13, 2006 12:05 am

Question: “First, happy birthday John! My question is if let’s say you couldn’t live in America, for whatever reason, what would be your first pick of where to live and why?” — karensp9

Nothing against anywhere else in the world, but I’d want to live in a Western culture. Other than the US, the 3 last remaining bastions of Western civilization that don’t appear to have been neutered and socialized by the left appear to be Australia, Britain, and Israel.

Out of those 3, Australia would easily be my first choice.

That’s because unfortunately, in my #2 choice Britain, the left seems to be winning the battle against the wan strain of British conservatism that seems to be in vogue. Also, it might be a little weird for me to live in my #3 choice, Israel, where Christians are a tiny, unimportant minority.

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