Q&A Friday #35: A Real, Rational, Logical Solution To Illegal Immigration

Question: “What is a true solution to the illegal immigration problem in the United States?

By true solution, I mean something the majority of Americans could support. At one point, it seemed it was a con vs. lib issue. Now, even liberals admit it is indeed a problem and cons (or Reps) do little or nothing about it, considering the many industries that rely on illegal immigration labor. The Guest Worker program proposal is a sham, considering the requirements at present (pay back taxes, speak English, fingerprinting, full time steady job & clean record.) Everyone admits its a problem, but no one has a real solution.

What is a real, rational, logical solution?” — D-Vega

Answer: a lot of people talk about illegal immigration as if it’s an almost unsolvable problem, but it’s really not all that tough of a nut to crack — if, and here’s, the hitch — our representatives in Congress wanted to make it happen.

Here’s the very short version…

#1) You secure the border with walls, sensors, unmanned drones, radar stations, and more personnel. Yes, we have a big border and we probably couldn’t stop every single illegal, but could we stop let’s say 90% of the traffic currently crossing our border? Maybe more? Absolutely.

#2) You crack down on the people who are employing illegal aliens in the US. Once the jobs disappear, not only will it take away the incentive for most “undocumented workers” to come here in the first place, it’ll cause most of the illegals who are already here to self-deport.

#3) Once the illegals are gone, the companies that employ them will either need to raise salaries and increase benefits to attract workers or they’ll need to purchase technology that will allow them to get by with fewer workers. Beyond that there is always the possibility of a guest worker program if the need turns out to be great enough.

There’s a real, rational, logical solution to the problem.

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