Q&A Friday #39: What About An Atlas Shrugged Movie?

Question: “Lionsgate recently acquired the distribution rights to produce a film version of Atlas Shrugged. Rumor is that Angelina Jolie will be cast as Dagny Taggart, with Brad Pitt opposite her as John Galt. Do you like the idea of converting the novel into a movie? Who would you cast in the film’s major roles?” — maledicta

Answer: I thought Atlas Shrugged was a phenomenal book and I would really be looking forward to seeing what Hollywood does with it, except that I’d be surprised if Hollywood doesn’t screw it up.

For one thing, Atlas Shrugged is really too long to be done as a two hour movie. You’d probably need 3 hours or even a mini-series to do it effectively. I’ve heard some people suggest that they might do it as two parter, like Kill Bill, but I’m not really sure that would work either.

Even setting the length problem aside, the really big problem is that Atlas Shrugged is a book that completely and utterly rejects the liberal view of the world and yet, the project would end up being run by liberals from top to bottom. How can you expect a bunch of liberals to faithfully recreate Atlas Shrugged when a big part of the message of the movie is, “Big government liberalism will ruin the country?”

Somehow, some way, by the time the liberals get done tinkering with the script, it’ll probably be conservative business owners wrecking America, socialists trying to save the country, and everyone will be walking around asking, “Who is Che Guevara?”

PS: Ever since I found out Angelina Jolie has a blood fetish and has walked around wearing clothes decorated with her own blood, she creeps me out. So, I wouldn’t cast her as much of anything other than a serial killer. On the other hand, although I find Brad Pitt mildly annoying, I at least have to give him credit for being an excellent actor. So maybe Brad Pitt as John Galt and oh, Lisa Edelstein as Dagny Taggart?

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