Q&A Friday #43: What Would You Like To Know About The Bush Administration One Day?

Question: In the distant future, when George W. Bush writes his memoirs, what do you think some of the more interesting revelations will be about his presidency? Yes, it is wildly speculatory, but it can make for some interesting discussions.” — President_Friedman

Answer: Presidential memoirs are boring because they’re written in politician speak and the pol has every reason to make himself look good. But, you have to figure there will be books written by Bush administration insiders after he gets out of office (Wouldn’t you drop $50 in a heartbeat for a no-holds-barred tell all from Karl Rove?) Here are 10 things I’d love to know (as opposed to just speculation) and hopefully we’ll find out about them one day:

1) Is there a reason Bush is so hellbent on pushing illegal immigration that we don’t know about?

2) How in the world did Harriet Miers end up as a Bush nominee?

3) Do we have spies at the highest levels in Al-Qaeda?

4) Why hasn’t a woman as intelligent and attractive as Condi Rice gotten married?

5) What was the thinking behind strongly coming out for the Dubai Port Deal while Congress and the public were strongly voicing their opposition?

6) Why wasn’t there a house cleaning at the start of the 2nd term?

7) Why was Bush seemingly so “out of it” politically in 2005?

8) Are we covertly trying to bring down the Iranian regime right now? If so, how. If not, why not?

9) What is the reasoning behind Bush’s refusal to veto any bills?

10) How much influence does Laura have on political decisions behind-the-scenes?

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