Q&A Friday #44: Can A Mormon Be President?

by John Hawkins | July 7, 2006 11:51 am

Question: “Can a Mormon be President? I speak specifically of Mitt Romney. Is our country as free of prejudice as we would like to believe, or is being a Mormon an impediment toward holding higher office still acceptable to an American society that regards itself as enlightened and tolerant?

Romney would be a much more attractive candidate than Juan McCain, the grizzled piece of merde en bas de soie from Arizona. I would work for his candidacy in a heartbeat if it’s a choice between him and McCain.” — Cartman

Answer: Could a Mormon be President? Even though they have some religious beliefs that a lot of Americans find strange and off-putting in a President, I think it’s conceivable that a Mormon could pull it off. However, the Mormon who will be running, Mitt Romney, is a RINO[1] from Massachusetts who’s going to be running in an election cycle when the base is going to desperately want a rock-ribbed conservative. I sincerely doubt if Mitt will be the nominee — and since you mentioned him, the same goes for McCain — although his base, the mainstream press, keeps trying to shoehorn him into the front-runner role.

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