Q&A Friday #45: When Should Israel Consider Using Nuclear Weapons?

by John Hawkins | July 21, 2006 12:26 pm

Question: “At what point (if ever) does Israel consider a nuclear weapon (ala WW II) to take out a city and force unconditional surrender from (pick one) terrorist country bent on wiping Israel off the map?” — Arbiter

Answer: In my opinion, there are 4 situations in which Israel should consider putting nukes in play. Note that I did not say they should necessarily use nukes in all these situations (although the first two are no brainers).

#1) Of course, if a nuclear weapon were ever fired at/or detonated in Israel.

#2) If Israel’s enemies were ever able to defeat them and overrun the country, Israel should launch nuclear weapons at all the population centers of the participating nations. Yes, they might be able to run the Jews into the sea, but the price they’d pay would be the destruction of their own countries.

#3) If a serious, chemical or biological attack occurred in Israel.

#4) As a last resort, if nothing else works, Israel should consider a first strike against Iran to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons. After all, Iran’s leaders and officials have publicly said, numerous times, that they intend to destroy Israel and under no circumstances should the Israelis ever allow them to actually possess the means to do so.

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