Q&A Friday #46: Do We Know How Many Civilians Are Being Killed In Lebanon?

Question: Does anyone have an estimate of what fraction of Lebanese casualties are civilian? Given that terrorists, by definition, pose as civilians, how reliable are the estimates?” — Pete_E

Answer: It’s impossible to estimate the number of civilian casualties vs. Hezbollah casualties in Lebanon because Hezbollah doesn’t wear uniforms, they regularly launch attacks from civilian areas, and they lie about anything and everything if they think it might give them an advantage.

So, if let’s say you run across a building with 20 dead adults in it, there’s no way to split the Hezbollah fighters, from the people who were aiding Hezbollah (giving them food and shelter, storing rockets) and any innocents who may have been killed.

If there are innocents killed in Lebanon, it’s Hezbollah’s fault any way for committing an act of war against Israel and then trying to use their own civilian population as a shield.

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