Q&A Friday #47: Who Are Your Top-Ten Favorite Authors?

by John Hawkins | August 18, 2006 9:31 am

Question: “Who are your top-ten favorite authors?” — Good_Ol_Boy

Answer: In order,

10) Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman: I was a huge fan of the Dragonlance Chronicles.

9) Fritz Leiber: His Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser novels were great, but, I didn’t like his other work.

8) RA Salvatore: I find him impressive because unlike the other authors in the Fantasy genre on the list, he managed to create two series that revolved around very compelling and yet also very different main characters: Cadderly Bonaduce & Drizzt Do’Urden.

7) Robert Leckie: He writes really long books about history, but they’re all informative and never dry. He’s not as political as Hanson, but he’s a phenomenal writer whose respect for the men fighting the battles really comes through.

6) Ayn Rand: Not necessarily the most skilled writer in the world, but she had a knack for getting across ideas in her fiction that no one else has matched.

5) Victor Davis Hanson: Nobody makes history come alive like VDH.

4) Stephen King: Nobody does horror better — or more accurately — nobody did it better since King’s work has gotten really uneven over the years. Most of what he did from the mid-nineties on back is great…

3) Michael Moorcock: The Elric Series was a masterpiece that’s only a step behind the original Conan novels, but I could never really get into any of his other work.

2) Ann Coulter: Whether you like her or hate her, every book Coulter has ever written except High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton has been a real page turner.

1) Robert Howard: The Conan books he wrote were better fantasy than anything that has been done since in my opinion.

Update #1: On some of the authors mentioned in the comments section…

Douglas Adams: Funny, but not as hilariously funny as some people make him out to be.

Clive Barker: He’s probably my second favorite horror writer behind King, although I haven’t read him in a good, long, while.

Robert Heinlein: I’ve read a couple of his books and he’s good, just not one of my faves.

Dean Koontz: He’s good, but there’s a certain sameness to his work. I’ve also read a couple of stinkers that kind of turned me off to him a bit.

HP Lovecraft: He’s readable, has a great concept, and has a surprising number of decent B horror movies out that are based on his work, but he’s never quite done it for me for some reason.

Terry Goodkind: A read a couple of his books. They were OK, but didn’t blow me away.

Robert Jordan: I read 9 books in the Wheel of Time series and loved it at first, but it got much more drawn out and dull after the mid-point in the series — and they were long, long, books.

Steven Pressfield: I’ve only read two of his books, but they were both superb. If I read a third that’s in the same ballpark as the first two, he’ll make the list. (Gates of Fire is must read material.)

JRR Tolkien: I know he’s a big favorite, but I always thought he was highly overrated.

PS: Yes, I have read an enormous number of books in life. Why do you ask? =D

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