Q&A Friday #49: Has RWN Been Having Technical Problems Lately?

by John Hawkins | September 15, 2006 10:12 am

Question: “Has there been technical problems with RWN lately?” — D-Vega on 2006-09-14

“I’ve had lots of problems getting to the site, and more problems posting. I was wondering if it was on my end or John’s.” — mojoe

Answer: My hosting company, Dreamhost, used to give good service. However, for the last couple of months they’ve been absolutely horrible and up and down like a yo-yo. I’ve been raising hell with them about it and they’ve moved me to a different, supposedly more reliable server, but my confidence in them is shot.

On the upside, I do have a back end upgrade of my content management system coming up soon and by the time that is completed, if I don’t see an immediate and significant improvement in their performance, I’m changing hosts.

So, if you’ve been having problems, it’s probably on this end, not yours. Sorry for the inconvenience. On the upside, one way or the other, these issues are going to be corrected very soon.

Update #1:

Question: “On a related note, any chance of a redesign? Methinks it’s time. :-)” — TranslationService

Answer: After the back end upgrade is complete and the hosting problems are resolved, I am planning to find a designer to snazz the look of the page up a bit, although the basic design will have to stay the same for advertising purposes.

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