Q&A Friday #53: Will We Be Attacked By Aliens?

by John Hawkins | November 10, 2006 12:36 pm

Question: A former British official says England could be attacked by aliens (not Mexicans.) Are such worries credible?” — tblrk2006

Answer: Well, we haven’t been attacked by aliens yet in recorded human history, so my guess is that we’re probably safe for the time being.

However, even if there are aliens out there and they decided to attack us, I’m not sure that there’s anything much we could do to prepare for it because we’d have no idea what they’d be like or what their weak spots would be. Moreover, we could certainly count on the fact that if aliens managed to travel all the way here and were intent on doing us harm, they would likely be so technologically superior to us that there wouldn’t be much of anything we could do to stop them anyway.

PS: If we’re going to be worried about threats from the skies, we’d be better off worrying about asteroids. As we’re sitting here right now, there could be an asteroid a couple of days away from us that’s big enough to take out LA, cause mega-tsunamis, and cause higgledy-piggledy on a global scale. Yet, chances are that we wouldn’t even have the slightest idea that it was bearing down on us until it was too late to even run to a fall-out shelter in the back yard.

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