Q&A Friday #58: What Are Your Favorite Video Games Of All-Time?

by John Hawkins | February 2, 2007 10:15 am

Question: What is best video game of all time?

My picks:

a) Super Mario Brothers
b) Pac-Man
c) Grand Theft Auto III
d) The Legend of Zelda

Posted by D-Vega

Answer: I’ve slowed down a lot on the video game front in the last few years, but I would have to say:

Honorable Mentions: The original Diablo (PC), Civ 2 (PC), The Ratchet and Clank series (PS2), Heavy Barrel (Arcade), NARC (Arcade), the WWE series (PS2), NBA Jam (Arcade)

Doom 2 (PC): You know what I loved about Doom? It had an ominous atmosphere, it was greasy fast, and it had extremely well designed levels. I’ve played a lot of shooters since then, but I’ve never liked one as much as old, primitive, Doom 2.

Samurai Showdown Series (Arcade): This fighting game never seemed to be as big as the Street Fighter series, the Mortal Kombat series, etc., but I really loved playing it. This is probably the one arcade game I’d actually love to have at my house.

All-Star Baseball (Nintendo): We played this for weeks on end in college. It was great because you have these super hyped up computer teams that we’d built where the pitchers on the other side threw 95 MPH side arm fastballs and could hit towering home runs out of the park at the plate. The whole concept of getting money and building up your players seemed really fresh and new back then.

Tecmo Bowl (Nintendo): The best football game ever. Better than Madden by far. Why? Because, the early versions at least, were competitive. You didn’t win games 80-3. You played the best you could and hoped Bo Jackson didn’t run for 250 yards against you.

Starcraft (PC): This is the best real time strategy game every made and it’s brilliantly designed and balanced, so that the more you play, the more things you learn how to do properly. Literally, you can still be perfecting techniques a year or two into playing the game. Plus, the computer can still be challenging after all this time (well, if you’re playing against 7 of them on a mucho money map).

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