Q&A Friday #66: Which Do You Like Better? Writing Columns, Blogging, Or Consulting?

by John Hawkins | June 1, 2007 4:41 pm

Question: Mr. Hawkins, which of your endeavors to you consider to be most enjoyable and rewarding?

-Hosting RightWingNews?
-Hosting Conservative Grapevine?
-Writing for TownHall.com
-Consulting for Duncan Hunter?” — StanW


I look at myself as a blogger who consults on the side, not as a consultant who also blogs.

My first priority and the place I enjoy spending my time the most is Right Wing News.

Next up is CG. I love being able to dish out traffic and time wise, it’s a relatively small commitment compared to RWN.

I write columns for Townhall because it brings in a small but significant amount of income, a little traffic for my blogs, and it helps get my name out there. Additionally, the very fact that I write for Townhall helps open doors for me that would probably remain closed if I stuck to blogging only.

As far as the consulting goes, I was a big fan of Duncan Hunter going in (and still am) and loved the idea of being able to help him on his campaign. Add to that the fact that the money isn’t bad at all, it’s good experience working on the campaign, and the fact that it enhances my credibility to be working as a consultant, and it’s a good deal all the way around.

Long story short: Blogging is a higher priority for me than writing columns or consulting, but I enjoy all of it.

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