Q&A Friday #67: Would You Rather See The GOP Take Back Congress Or The Presidency?

by John Hawkins | June 15, 2007 2:30 am

Question: “If only one were possible, would you rather see us (the right) win the White House or take back the Congress in ’08?” — WSOwen02

Answer: The presidency will be more important because if the next President is a Republican, he may very well get a chance to make the most important Supreme Court appointment in decades. Ginsburg and Stevens could retire at any time and if either of them can be replaced with an originalist judge, then we’ll have a chance to start rolling back 40 years of politically motivated liberalism masquerading as law.

Additionally, the House Republicans seem to be slowly but surely going back in the right direction, but the Republican senators are so out of touch with the electorate, so disorganized, and have such a high squish to conservative ratio right now, that having 51 or 52 of them would be almost irrelevant at this point.

On the other hand, having a new leader in the White House, if he’s the right guy, the kind of leader that conservatives could rally behind, could really help get the GOP going back in the right direction after the disastrous Bush years (No matter how history ultimately judges George Bush, he has done enormous damage to the Republican Party through his incompetence, intransigence, and lack of political savvy.)

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