Q&A Friday #69: Why No “Payback Project” Over The War?

by John Hawkins | July 13, 2007 1:29 pm

Question: Why don’t you have a Payback Project for the defeatocrats in Congress who want to cut and run in Iraq?” — jagsgirl[1]

Answer: Well, first off, if you’re talking about beating the Democrats, I’m going to try to do that anyway.

If you mean hammering Republicans, it’s more complex.

On Harriet Miers and the immigration fight, I really pressed hard right from the beginning, all the way to the end, because I always had a sense that Miers and the bill could be defeated (even though the odds would be against us), that it would be close, and that if the margin was tight enough, I might have an outside chance of making a small difference. I’d like to think that I did in both cases, although it’s almost impossible to know with any certainty that was the case.

Although I am strongly against cutting and running, I don’t think the situation is the same here. In September, the Dems are going to push hard to cut and run and they may or may not win. However, they will DEFINITELY win in early 2008, if it gets that far.

That’s because the American public has turned on the war and most of the war’s supporters may be determined, but they’re not that enthusiastic. In addition, Bush can’t explain the war, and may I add that he made things much, much worse with the whole immigration debacle. Here we are with major war votes coming up and Bush systematically alienates, insults, and enrages many of the very same people who have been his biggest supporters on the war.

So, with that in mind, it’s hard for me to see launching a major blog offensive because in the end, we’re doomed to lose it. If the Democrats don’t get enough Republican defectors to beat us in September, they’re going to get enough to force a timeline on us in early 2008, and Bush needs to do everything he possibly can to make it work in Iraq with those facts in mind.

  1. jagsgirl: http://cassyfiano.blogspot.com/

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