Q&A Friday #7: What’s The Biggest Threat To GOP Unity?

Question: “Now that Republicans have firm control of the Executive and Legislative branches of government, what, in your estimation, would be the biggest threat to GOP unity in the halls of power in Washington, DC?” — huckupchuck

Answer: Illegal immigration and spending, illegal immigration and spending, and illegal immigration and spending. The base feels very strongly about both of these issues and quite frankly, George Bush is a big government Republican who believes in coddling illegal immigrants.

Things almost came to a head over these issues early in 2004, but because of the election, the party managed to hold things together. But, now that Bush is out of danger? A lot of Republicans in Washington are going to be willing to fight him on these issues and the base will be cheering THEM, not Bush, for doing it.

That being said, I don’t expect any big schism in the party. I just think the next two years are going to be a lot more contentious than the last two for the GOP because Bush and his allies will be facing serious resistance on these two big issues.

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