Q&A Friday #78: Fred Thompson’s Immigration Plan

by John Hawkins | November 16, 2007 8:39 am

“Fred Thompson’s immigration plan seems to include a contradiction. He promises to bolster border security, yet his plan relies on “attrition through enforcement”, or the self-deportation of illegals going back to Mexico. Illegals can not exit through a secure border, nor is it likely that they will attempt to if they have no way to prove they are leaving instead of entering (and would be arrested).

Is this plan realistic? If no, which is more important, border security or reduction of the illegal population and business enforcement?” — Mike_M

Answer: First of all, it might be a “contradiction” if he achieved border security by sticking the United States inside of a giant glass jar with holes poked in the top that physically prevented anyone from leaving =D, but that’s not what he’s doing.

Put another way, if Thompson has his way, getting in illegally will be the big problem, not getting out.

Is the plan realistic? Absolutely. In fact, Fred Thompson is the ONLY top tier contender in either party who has put out a workable, realistic plan that will stop illegal immigration and I endorse it wholeheartedly.

Also, cracking down on businesses that are knowingly hiring illegals is the single most important thing we can do to put an end to illegal immigration. The reality is that if you turn off the jobs magnet, you turn off the draw for the overwhelming majority of illegals coming here. You also take away the reason that the majority of illegals in the US are staying here.

So, if you show me someone who doesn’t want to go after crooked employers and thereby create “attrition through enforcement”, then I’ll show you someone who’s not serious about dealing with the problem.

Update #1: Fred’s new anti-amnesty ad.

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