Q&A Friday #78: Would You Support Ron Paul If He Won The Nomination?

by John Hawkins | November 16, 2007 12:00 pm

Question: “Without laughing, could you tell us what you would do if Ron Paul actually won the primary? I know you, like most pundits/media commenters everywhere, see the campaign as a joke, run by nazis, etc.

But would you support him as the Republican candidate, even given his antiwar stance, or would you go with Hillary, given her prowar stance?” — zarathustra

Answer: First of all, although I do see his campaign as a joke, Ron Paul is not a Nazi. Granted, his campaign does seem to be attracting every fringe wacko, conspiracy nut, and white power fanatic in America and he isn’t doing anything to distance himself from them. That’s a mistake if you want to be taken seriously as a candidate — which, I don’t really think Ron Paul does. I think he’s content to get his issues out there and build up a cadre of fanatical supporters, although I think it’s unlikely that he’s doing so in preparation for a third party run.

If Ron Paul did win, would I support him? Yes, I am going to support whoever the Republican nominee is although admittedly, my support for Ron Paul would be tepid and I’d spend the whole year taking shots at Hillary.

In any case, Ron Paul would lose all 50 states to Hillary and the resulting landslide would put the Democrats in position to implement their nightmare vision on America.

On the bright side, my traffic would probably go up a lot as conservatives who were distraught about how America was being ruined for future generations would became more involved in politics. That wouldn’t be a happy outcome, but I try to be a glass half-full type of person.

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