Q&A Friday #81: Why Do You Like Huckabee Better Than Romney?

by John Hawkins | December 28, 2007 7:15 am

Question: “You seem to have this “Huckenfreude” thing going on, and have said you like Huck better than Rudy or Romney. Aside from abortion, what is it, specifically, that makes you prefer Huck over those two?” — RtWingNtCase

Answer: The honest truth is that at the moment, I have no preference between Romney, McCain, and Huckabee — although I like all of them better than Giuliani.

Admittedly, that does seem like a bit of a cop out, but every time I start to tilt more towards one of them, his glaring weaknesses drag him back into the pack.

Huckabee is a big government Republican. He reminds me of Jimmy Carter. We’ve also found out over the last few weeks that he has a lot of baggage and is even worse on foreign policy than many people suspected.

Mitt Romney is a phony who is just telling people what they want to hear. He has a reputation as a flip flopper and he deserves it. I also genuinely don’t believe he could beat Hillary Clinton or John Edwards in a national election; so if he gets the nod, cross your fingers and hope for Barack.

McCain has made a career in the Senate out of screwing over conservatives like me on big issues and I sure as hell don’t want him doing the same thing in the White House. He’s also pro-amnesty, which is every bit as unacceptable as being pro-abortion to me in a candidate.

As to why I haven’t been as hard on Huckabee as Romney, there are several reasons.

First off, I think people have gone way overboard in attacking Huckabee lately. Granted, he’s far from an ideal candidate. But, I would say he’s as generally conservative as Romney or McCain — not the Romney and McCain who are whispering sweet nothings in your ear right now because they want to be President, but the Romney or McCain we’d actually see in the White House.

Also, I really have been pretty tough on Huckabee if you go back and look at what I’ve written. It’s sort of like the situation with Fred Thompson earlier this year, when he was talking about getting in the race. Everybody was saying he was the next Reagan reborn and people were starting to get crabby about the fact that I was saying, hey, I like the guy all right, but he ain’t Superman. In other words, even though I was going in the same direction as most other people it was chaffing them that I wasn’t going as far or as fast.

Last but not least, I don’t think much of all the Republican establishment types, the DC insiders, the RINOS, and the faux conservatives who tend to shape opinions on issues like this. They’re always the ones telling us not to stand up for our principles, that we need to be less conservative, that pork isn’t a problem, that Harriet Miers is great, that we can win by just telling people that the GOP is the lesser of two evils, etc., etc., etc.

These people make bad decisions so often and so consistently, that I’m always tempted to zig when they zag. Originally, McCain was their candidate, then it was Romney when they thought he couldn’t win, and now you’ll start seeing them switch back to McCain. Those people hate Huckabee with a passion and if they hate him, that makes me like the guy just a little bit more — although not enough to make me forget his record.

Eventually, if this thing turns into a two man dance with McCain, Romney, and/or Huckabee in the starring roles, I may have to pick a side, but for the moment, I don’t have a preference.

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