Q&A Friday #82: Who Would You Handpick For The Presidency Out Of…

by John Hawkins | January 11, 2008 8:50 am

Question: Rate these four candidates in the order you would handpick them for the presidency, if the choice was limited to these four:

1) Clinton
2) Obama
3) Edwards
4) Paul” — oneisnotprime

Answer: Ron Paul, O-Bambi, Edwards, Clinton.

1) Ron Paul, because I at least think he would select conservative Supreme Court justices.

2) O-Bambi because all three of the Democrats are inexperienced liberals. If we are going to be stuck with one of them in the White House, I’d rather it be the first black President. That would be something at least.

3) Edwards comes next because I loathe Hillary and because I think the White House could use a woman’s touch.

4) Hillary is perhaps the most corrupt, polarizing, divisive, and dishonest politician in America today, plus, unlike Obama and Edwards, she has had everything handed to her because she’s married to Bill Clinton. For that reason, she’s in last place.

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