Q&A Friday #84: The Top 10 Women On The Right I’d Love To Eat Breakfast With

by John Hawkins | February 15, 2008 7:55 am

Question: “Would you pay to have breakfast with Chelsea?” — CoolCzech

Answer: There’s not a woman on earth that I would pay to have breakfast with unless you’re talking about say, picking up the check for breakfast. I would go that far.

As to Chelsea, unlike a lot of other people, I do think she’s cute, but I strongly suspect that she’s a mess from having grown up in the dysfunctional Clinton household and having lived through the media circus that came with it.

Still, it would be interesting to have breakfast with her, especially if you could get her off of spinning her mother’s campaign spiel and on to what she really thinks about the world — plus, hey, it would be pretty cool to say you had breakfast with Chelsea Clinton.

Getting beyond Chelsea, because to be honest, Chelsea isn’t exactly high up on my list of women I’d like to dine with, here are the top 10 conservative women I’d like to eat breakfast with (PS: I am leaving off anyone I chat with on IM because it goes without saying that I’d enjoy breaking bread with my friends.)

Tammy Bruce:[1] Tammy is an extremely talented, complex, and friendly woman. Tragically for all the guys out there, she’s not straight, but she still strikes me as someone who’d be fascinating to get to know.

Mona Charen: She has a lot of talent and has been around the block in DC and in the punditry biz. It would be great to know what she knows.

Ann Coulter:[2] It would be interesting to see if she’s the same in private as she is in public.

Dr. Helen:[3] I majored in psychology and enjoy talking to people who are gifted in the field — Helen is and seems pleasant and conservative to boot.

Laura Ingraham:[4] She’s an up and coming “rock stah” in the conservative movement and it would be great to meet her in person.

Rachel Lucas:[5] I’ve corresponded with Rachel via email a few times, but I don’t really know her that well. Still, she seems to have a fascinating and eclectic mind — online at least. She could be totally different in real life.

Heather Mac Donald: A sharp, analytical woman with a mind like a steel trap and who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. It would be interesting to meet her.

Michelle Malkin:[6] I’ve been a big fan of Michelle’s work for a while and it would be fun to pick her brain and get to know her a little better over a meal.

Condi Rice: She’s a charming, cultured woman and the Secretary of State. Why wouldn’t any conservative man not want to have breakfast with her?

Margaret Thatcher: She’s one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century and it would be a real honor just to sit down with her.

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