Q&A Friday #84: What Comic Book Storylines And Characters Would You Like To See Be Made Into Movies?

by John Hawkins | February 15, 2008 7:50 am

Question: “Given the success of recent movies like Batman Begins and 300, and more movies coming like Hulk II, Batman: DK and Watchmen, what comic book storylines and characters would you like to see be made into movies and why?

Posters: Please do not start answering this question, until we see if Mr. Hawkins will pick it up. We can then have an entire thread for it. Shout out to GOB.” — D-Vega

Answer: * One of my favorite comics was Groo, a funny comic about a sword slinging barbarian who kills everything that moves and brings disaster wherever he goes. You could make a great Groo movie.

* Along similar lines, I’d love to see a “Conan the King” storyline featuring Ah-nold as Conan after he had taken over a kingdom, had it taken from him, and fought to get it back.

* You could do a pretty good made for TV movie featuring Spike from the Buffyverse.

* Also, it would be great to see another vampire slayer series from Joss Whedon. That would be on TV, not at the movies, but still…

* I read the Elric of Melnibone books, not the comics, but you could make one hell of a good trilogy out of it. An evil sorcerer/king, fighting on the side of good, carrying an ultra powerful, intelligent sword that thirsts for the souls of his friends and enemies alike — awesome!

* A Marvel “Secret Wars” movie could be pretty good as well, IF it had a good script. However, it might be a little tough to capture that much action and explain that many super heroes in a movie.

PS: “The Watchmen” was a pretty solid graphic novel, but I think it might be a little hard to capture everything that happened in a single movie.

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