Q&A Friday #9: Have You Ever Been Left Wing?

by John Hawkins | January 7, 2005 12:02 am

Question: “Have you ever been left wing?” — Chairman_Mao

Answer: No, I’ve never been a liberal. I was apolitical in high school, but had great interest in learning more about politics when I arrived at college.

As I started learning more about the body politic, I was looking for what I thought were practical solutions to problems that faced the country. After taking a hard look at liberalism, I came to the conclusion that it was an ideology for people who put feelings ahead of facts, not for pragmatic or logical people….and I still hold that view by the way.

So, I started reading more about politics & did a little work for the local Republican Party HQ. Then after doing some minor work for a few candidates in one campaign cycle, I decided it was a sleazy business & for the most part lost interest in day to day politics for several years until the Bush/Gore Florida brouhaha in 2000 inspired me to get involved again.

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