Q&A Thursday #88: What If You Were Elected Temporary Supreme Dictator Of America?

by John Hawkins | May 1, 2008 9:24 am

Question: Suppose you were elected Temporary Supreme Dictator of America.

What are 10 laws you would pass/repeal or government programs you would create/tear down? (Assume that you are in office for however long it would take to do these five things and that any changes you make will remain in place after you leave office.)

My 10:

1. Abolish the federal income tax and replace it with a Fair Tax.

2. Pass a Constitutional Amendment that invalidates Roe v. Wade and puts control over abortion firmly in the hands of the state governments.

3. Either aggressively reform the Congressional election system to weed out gerrymandering as much as possible, or implement Congressional term limits.

4. Abolish all forms of federal welfare (and I include Medicare/Medicaid in the definition of welfare) except perhaps veteran’s benefits.

5. Balanced Budget Amendment.

6. Pass a Constitutional Amendment requiring all state/local governments to implement a school voucher system.

7. Abolish the very concept of “hate-crime laws” and pass an Amendment making them utterly illegal nation-wide.

8. Pass an Amendment that (A) requires all states and US territories to adopt shall-issue concealed carry laws, (B) prohibiting any state or US territory from outlawing any “type” of firearm (that means no more assault weapon or handgun bans, libs), and (C) revokes all “duty to retreat” laws in the United States.

9. Pass an Amendment that greatly diminishes the power of the judicial branch to prevent them from judicial reviewing us into a socialist hellhole.

10. Rewrite the 10th Amendment to say “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people, and Jesus Christ we mean it this time!” — B_Hussein_Obama

Answer: I can do this in 4 changes, no problem!

#1) Change the Constitution to just include an executive branch with a lifetime appointment to the job for the person currently holding the position.

#2) Abandon the White House and have a 20 billion dollar lair built inside of Mt. Rushmore.

#3) Spend half the budget working on a way to transfer brains from one body to another cloned body so that the people will never have to be without their Dear Leader!

#4) Laugh evilly — like so; Bwahahahahahaahahahah!

Ok, let’s do some real answers. I am going to keep this short, sweet, and pull all of these off the top of my head, rapid fire style…

#1) Some form of Balanced Budget Amendment.

#2) Replace the tax system with some sort of a flat tax, sales tax, or the fair tax.

#3) Require a 2/3 majority to raise taxes.

#4) Term limits for Congress. Two 6 year terms for Senators and four 2 year terms for members of the House.

#5) A federal marriage amendment to define marriage as being between one man and one woman.

#6) Declaring that a fetus is a human being and defining life as beginning at conception.

#7) Create a loser-pays legal system.

#8) Switching our school system over to a voucher system, nation wide.

#9) Preventing anyone caught in the United States illegally from ever becoming citizens, participating in a guest worker program, or even visiting the US again. The same bill would put an end to birthright citizenship for the children of non-American citizens born on American soil.

#10) A health care package that would include: tort reform, streamlining the regulations that make bringing a new drug to market so slow and expensive, health care savings accounts, giving tax credits for health care to individuals instead of companies so you don’t lose your health care when you lose your job, and allowing health insurance companies from anywhere in America to compete for business in any state.

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