Quick Hits For September 28, 2007

(*** For this post, I’m going to cover a variety of different topics in three sentences or less ***)

* It’s very disheartening to see the Bush administration supporting the Law of the Sea Treaty, which is widely opposed by conservatives because it dangerously erodes our sovereignty. Quite frankly, nobody trusts George Bush’s judgment on issues of that sort and conservatives should pull out all the stops to prevent the Treaty from being approved.

* I haven’t bothered to watch the last Republican or Democratic debate because they feature so many people who can’t win and cover so much of the same ground. If even the hardcore political junkies like me have gotten sick of these debates already, it’s understandable that some of the top contenders have started skipping them.


The Hamas-Fatah power struggle has descended into the gutter over the past few days, with both parties trading allegations about the involvement of their members in homosexual relations and adultery.

Oh, just now it has descended into the gutter — when have they ever left the gutter? What else would you call a territory run by two groups of brawling terrorists that glorify genocide, brag about deliberately murdering innocent civilians, and teach their children to blow themselves up in crowds of people?

* Off the top of my head, the cancelled TV shows I miss the most are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Futurama, SeaLab 2021, Surface, Blade, Star Trek: The New Generation, Firefly, Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules, X-Files, Special Unit 2, & Angel.

* Apparently, there’s a World Cup Soccer Tournament going on and US women’s team lost 4-0 to Brazil. Who knew that there was a World Cup Soccer Tournament for women or that it was actually going on right now? Did they actually advertise the event or did I just miss it because “socialism ball” is about 3 notches below Hopscotch on the excitement meter?

* “At the stroke of midnight Nov. 16, congressional Democrats will force a government shutdown unless Republicans agree to pass a raft of bloated, pork-laden spending bills. Democratic leaders have already admitted that they have no intention of finishing their appropriations bills by the Oct. 1 deadline, when the fiscal year ends. That is by design.” — Jim DeMint and Jeb Hensarling — Keep an eye on this.

* Dean Barnett sums up his view of what conservative bloggers should be doing by saying, “Ideas matter. Online activism and action alerts? Not so much.” Actually, they both matter and online activism on the right side of the blogosphere has the potential to make a big difference. Yes, we can’t raise enough money to swing Senate or presidential races yet, but we can make a big impact in primaries and in congressional races.

* When did people stop becoming grateful for receiving charity and start endlessly complaining that they haven’t been given large enough hand outs?

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