Rather & Brokaw Sick Of Talking About Reagan

This is just un.be.lievable…

“DAN Rather and Tom Brokaw work for different networks but agree one thing — coverage of Ronald Reagan’s death has been excessive, they say.

“Even though everybody is respectful and wants to pay homage to the president, life does go on,” Rather told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“There is other news, like the reality of Iraq,” said the “CBS Evening News” anchor. “It got very short shrift this weekend.”

…”I think just about everything is over-covered these days,” said Brokaw, who anchors the “NBC Nightly News.” “The spectrum is so crowded. With all the cable networks, it begins to have a ‘video wall’ feeling to it.”

Jennings said he had mixed feelings about the Reagan coverage.

“I’m more inclined to spare coverage — come on [the air], do something meaningful, then get away,” he said.

“The last time I had to do it was with O.J. Simpson [during the 1994 car chase], and I had nothing to say after a certain period of time.”

Note that Brokaw and Rather didn’t come out and say the coverage was “excessive” in the middle of stories like Enron, “Bush Knew”, the 9/11 hearings, Abu Ghraib, the DC sniper killings, Gary Condit & Chandra Levy, Baghdad Museum, looting in Iraq, Valerie Plame, the 16 words SOTU speech controversy, etc, etc, etc.

No, with those stories, they could go on endlessly from now until next year, exploring every aspect of them in nauseating detail, until there was nothing that hadn’t been said a hundred times before, in a hundred different ways. In fact, Rather & Brokaw are men who have made a living beating dead horses down to nothing but flayed skin and powder and yet, after 4 days of covering Ronald Reagan’s death they’re ready “to spare coverage”. Heck, they’re so sick of covering Reagan that after consistently burying every bit of good news that might enable people to fully understand “the reality of Iraq,” they’re even interested in talking about that at long last.

But, you know what? I almost, almost, can’t blame them because all of this must be horribly embarrassing for them in a way that most people can’t comprehend. You see, not only did people like Brokaw, Rather, and the rest of the liberal intelligentsia in the 80s, think that Reagan was dumb as a stone, they thought he was a dangerous, old, crackpot.

Today, we hear people lauding Reagan for invading Grenada, slashing taxes, rebuilding the military, calling the Soviets an evil empire, the “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” line, & building SDI among other things. However, what most people don’t realize, is that back in the eighties, the left in America overwhelmingly opposed doing all of those things. So just imagine what it must be like for people like Rather and Brokaw to see this sort of eruption of love, respect, & gratitude for a man they believed was an imbecile who was wrong about everything.

But don’t worry about it Dan & Tom, you just have to cover the Gipper for two more days, then, for the most part, you can go back to spouting your normal pabulum for your declining audiences without having to talk about Ronald Wilson Reagan anymore…

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