Reagan, Hinckley, And A Glass Of Water

by John Hawkins | March 31, 2006 11:50 am

Yesterday was the twenty five year anniversary of Hinckley’s attempt on Reagan’s life. That brings to mind a little story Bush, Sr. told during his eulogy at Reagan’s funeral[1].

“Who can forget the horrible day in March 1981, he looked at the doctors in the emergency room and said, “I hope you’re all Republicans.”

And then I learned decency; the whole world did. Days after being shot, weak from wounds, he spilled water from a sink, and entering the hospital room aides saw him on his hands and knees wiping water from the floor. He worried that his nurse would get in trouble.

The good book says humility goes before honor, and our friend had both, and who could not cherish such a man?”

It’s a small thing, cleaning up spilled water. But, it tells you a lot about the man.

  1. Bush, Sr. told during his eulogy at Reagan’s funeral:

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