Regarding Concerns About the “Inexperience” Issue

by Attila Girl | August 31, 2008 9:36 am

Well, we should be concerned, darn it. These unpopular truths have to be faced up to: experience matters.

That’s why, with Governor Palin joining McCain as his Veep pick, Obama and Biden should at least consider flipping their ticket, so that the guy at the top has done . . . well, something. Otherwise, the Democrats are just going to embarrass themselves. Better yet, Obama could bow out.

Flopping Aces is running, with other commentary, the Redstate chart that compares Palin’s experience with Obama’s, point-by-point.

It doesn’t look good. For Obama.

Barack, Barack . . . it isn’t too late. You could go back to The House of Lords The Senate, and let the Dems replace you with a grownup. Spare yourself the humiliation of going through with this.

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