Reuters Refuses To Acknowledge That WMD Have Been Found In Iraq?

by John Hawkins | May 25, 2004 11:58 pm

It’s bad enough that the mainstream media hasn’t given the discovery of artillery shells in Iraq, one filled with sarin and the other containing traces of mustard gas, anywhere near the attention that it deserves. But, in this story about Hussain Shahristani, the man who may be the premier of a new interim Iraqi government, Reuters[1] refuses to even acknowledge that WMD have now been found in Iraq…

“In a February 2003 interview on CNN, Shahristani said the Iraqi president was hiding weapons of mass destruction underneath the ground in tunnels.

Bush cited Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction as a prime reason for the Iraq war but none have been found.”

Now Reuters can downplay the importance of those artillery shells if they like, despite the fact that it’s now an open question as to whether they’re from larger stockpiles somewhere that have perhaps remained undiscovered by coalition forces because the shells are unmarked. However, even Reuters shouldn’t be denying the very existence of WMDs in Iraq at this point.Heck, Fox ran a story confirming that sarin had been found back on the 19th[2], so how can careless with the facts, well at least facts that might help George Bush, is Reuters being if they’re still getting it wrong six days later?

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