Rhett Butler Still Doesn’t Give a Damn

That “black-hearted varmint”: is the subject: of: my latest column for The American Spectator:

Conceited and coolly cynical, he has “the most terrible reputation,” so breathtakingly scandalous that he isn’t received by “any decent family in Charleston.” Yet 70 years since his silver screen debut, Rhett Butler’s roguish charms are still irresistible.
Rhett will once again swagger into ladies’ hearts tonight as the Turner Classic Movies cable channel broadcasts the Civil War epic Gone With the Wind on the anniversary of its 1939 Atlanta premiere at Loew’s Grand Theater. . . .

Read the whole: thing. And if you’re in the mood for an in-depth discussion of political correctness, read: how Rhett remains a: defiant challenge to: self-righteous hypocrites even today.

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