Rielle Hunter Blackout

by Van Helsing | July 24, 2008 1:28 pm

When is a bombshell not a bombshell? When it makes a prominent Democrat look bad.

Anyone who doesn’t rely on the MSM for news knows by now that John Edwards, who made a big deal about his loyalty to his cancer-stricken wife during his failed presidential campaign, was actually cheating on her and presiding over an elaborate cover-up. He even has a love child with the radiant Rielle Hunter:


There are at least 10 eyewitnesses to corroborate the story[1] of his getting caught with his pants down, which (as noted here earlier[2]) would have resulted in immediate screams of “I’ll sue!” from the Breck Girl if it weren’t completely true.

Yet Silky Pony has been considered a leading candidate for the hollow Obamessiah’s VP, so the MSM is obediently silent. Slate[3] reports on the lack of reporting:

—The New York Times doesn’t tell you what happened yesterday.

—The print edition of the Washington Post doesn’t tell you what happened yesterday.

Newsweek doesn’t tell you what happened yesterday

Time doesn’t tell you what happened yesterday.

—Katie Couric didn’t tell you what happened yesterday.

—Brian Williams didn’t tell you what happened yesterday.

—Charlie Gibson didn’t tell you what happened yesterday. […]

Has the gap between what the MSM lets you know and what happened — and what you can easily find out happened[4] — ever been greater? …

The silver lining to the absurd and potentially catastrophic Obama campaign: when it’s finally over, no one will ever take the establishment media seriously again.

On a tip from Burning Hot[5]. Cross-posted at Moonbattery[6].

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