Right-Of-Center Bloggers Decide Who Should Rule The World

by John Hawkins | October 25, 2005 8:44 am

The BBC polled more than 15,000 people worldwide on whom they would want to lead a fantasy world government. The results[1] were, particularly for conservatives, quite disturbing with people like Bill Clinton, Noam Chomsky, Kofi Annan, and George Soros making it into the top 11.

So, in order to get a different perspective, Right Wing News decided to poll more than 200 right-of-center bloggers on whom they’d want to be part of a team to “Rule The World.”

There was one caveat however. Since many conservative bloggers, myself included, vehemently object to the idea of one world government, all bloggers were told they were choosing a team to run every country in the world except their own home country.

Representatives from the following 38 blogs responded…

Aaron’s CC[2], The Anchoress[3], La Shawn Barber[4], The Baseball Crank[5], Betsy’s Page[6], Boi From Troy[7], BrothersJudd Blog[8], Cobb[9], Dodgeblogium[10], Dummocrats[11], Eckernet[12], Cam Edwards[13], Inside Larry’s Head[14], Isaac Schrödinger[15], Knowledge Is Power[16], The LLama Butchers[17], Multiple Mentality[18], My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy[19], The Nose On Your Face[20], Patio Pundit[21], Damian Penny[22], The Pink Flamingo Bar & Grill[23], PoliPundit[24], PrestoPundit[25], Professor Bainbridge[26], Reasoned Audacity[27], Relapsed Catholic[28], Right Wing News[29], Sane Nation[30], Sister Toldjah[31], Small Dead Animals[32], Solomonia[33], Southern Appeal[34], Stolen Thunder[35], Stop The ACLU[36], This Blog Is Full Of Crap[37], Toys in the Attic[38], WILLisms[39]

All bloggers could make anywhere from 1-15 unranked selections and were allowed to select any living person, from anywhere in the world, for their lists.

Without further ado, here are the people right-of-center bloggers would choose to rule the world:

15) Paul Wolfowitz: Former US Deputy Secretary of Defense. World Bank President (4)
15) Arnold Schwarzenegger: Governor of California (4)
15) Rush Limbaugh: Talk radio host (4)
15) Junichiro Koizumi: Prime Minister of Japan (4)
15) Christopher Hitchens: Pundit (4)
15) Bill Gates: Founder of Microsoft (4)
15) Tommy Franks: Former US General (4)
15) Dick Cheney: US Vice President (4)
15) George W. Bush: US President (4)
15) Tony Blair: British Prime Minister (4)
12) Donald Rumsfeld: US Secretary of Defense (5)
12) Václav Havel: Former President of Czechoslovakia (5)
12) Pope Benedict XVI: Pope (5)
10) Mark Steyn: Pundit (6)
10) Victor Davis Hanson: Pundit (6)
7) Thomas Sowell: Pundit (7)
7) Antonin Scalia: US Supreme Court Justice (7)
7) Ann Coulter: Pundit (7)
4) Natan Sharansky: Soviet dissident, former Israeli cabinet member (8)
4) Rudy Giuliani: Former Mayor of New York City (8)
4) Milton Friedman: Economist (8)
2) Margaret Thatcher: Former British Prime Minister (10)
2) John Howard: Australian Prime Minister (10)
1) Condoleeza Rice: US Secretary of State (14)

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