Rightosphere Temperature Check: Polling Right-Of-Center Bloggers On Key Issues (1st Quarter, 2007)

by John Hawkins | March 2, 2007 6:16 am

Right Wing News emailed more than 240 right-of-center bloggers and asked them to answer 8 questions. The following 63 blogs responded,

Aaron’s CC[1], The Absurd Report[2], David All Group[3], The Anchoress[4], Argghhhh![5], AtlanticBlog[6], Atlas Shrugs[7], Babalu Blog[8], Bad Example[9], Barking Moonbat Early Warning System[10], The Baseball Crank[11], Blogs of War[12], Boi From Troy[13], Brainster’s Blog[14], Cold Fury[15], DANEgerus Weblog[16], dcthornton.com[17], Dispatches from Blogblivion[18], Dr. Melissa Clouthier[19], Drumwaster’s Rants[20], Keith Burgess-Jackson[21], Eckernet[22], Ghost of a Flea[23], Gocinatlanta[24], GOPUSA Northeast[25], GraniteGrok[26], Guardian Watchblog[27], The Hedgehog Report[28], Hot Air[29] (Bryan), IMAO[30], Iowa Voice[31], Isaac Schrödinger[32], Mountaineer Musings[33], Musclehead Revolution[34], Musings[35], Newmark’s Door[36], Newsbeat1[37], The Nose On Your Face[38], Outside The Beltway[39], The Pink Flamingo Bar & Grill[40], Poliblog[41], PoliPundit[42], PrestoPundit[43], Pubilus Pundit[44], Pundit Guy[45], Right Thinking From The Left Coast[46], Right Angle Blog[47] (Amanda Carpenter), Right Thinking Girl[48], Right Wing News[49], Samizdata[50], Slobokan’s Site Of Schtuff[51], Shrink Wrapped[52], Don Singleton[53], Sister Toldjah[54], Solomonia[55],Stop The ACLU[56], Don Surber[57], Texas Rainmaker[58], Toys In The Attic[59], Villainous Company[60], Winds Of Change[61], Wires[62], Wuzzadem[63]

The bloggers were asked to choose “yes,” or “no,” as answers to the first four questions (because some bloggers skipped particular questions, gave answers that weren’t listed, or gave answers that were difficult to categorize, there are not 63 responses to every question.)

1) Do you think the surge should go forward?

Yes (61) — 97%
No (2) — 3%

2) Do you think that a majority of Democrats in Congress would like to see us lose in Iraq for political reasons?

Yes (53)– 84%
No (10) — 16%

3) Do you believe that the wall on the border will ever actually be completed?

Yes (6) — 10%
No (56) — 90%

4) Do you think mankind is the primary cause of global warming?

Yes (0) — 0%
No (59) — 100%

On the following four questions, bloggers were asked to select one of the options presented (because some bloggers skipped particular questions, gave answers that weren’t listed, or gave answers that were difficult to categorize, there are not 63 responses to every question.)

5) Illegal Immigration.

A) Would you prefer an illegal immigration bill that tackled border security and enforcement issues only? (46) — 77%

B) Would you prefer a comprehensive bill that tackled border security and enforcement issues, created a legal status for the people who are here illegally, created a guest worker program, and increased the number of foreigners allowed to become American citizens? (14) — 23%

6) Which of the following Democratic candidates do you think would be the toughest opponent for a Republican candidate in 2008?

A) Hillary Clinton (38) — 63%

B) John Edwards (9) — 15%

C) Barack Obama (13) — 22%

7) If you were grading George Bush on his foreign policy for his presidency so far, would you give him an:

A or B (35) — 56%
C (18) — 29%
D, E, or F (10) — 16%

8) If you were grading George Bush on his domestic policy for his presidency so far, would you give him an:

A or B (17) — 27%
C (26) — 41%
D, E, or F (20) — 32%

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