Rightroots Challenge, Day 6

by John Hawkins | September 11, 2006 2:03 pm

We’re looking to pull in 100 donations for each of our 21 candidates over at Rightroots[1]. Towards that end, I’m going to be doing profiles of our candidates each day in order to give you a better idea of whom you’d be giving money to. Today, the candidates profiled will be John Gard and Tom Kean.

Candidate #1: John Gard

District: (WI-8)
Seat Currently Held By: Mark Green (R)
Candidate + cash on hand: John Gard ($657,425)
Opponent + cash on hand: Steve Kagen ($317,868) Nancy Nusbaum ($102,111) & Jamie Wall ($574,444)
Kerry vs. Bush in 2004: 44%% vs. 55%
Latest polling: None Found
Webpage: here[2]

Other: — The primary is tomorrow.
— The Democrats are targeting this district as one of their 15 pick-ups even though it doesn’t look all that inviting at first glance.
— You can see John Gard’s bio[3] here.

Candidate #2: Tom Kean

State New Jersey:
Seat Currently Held By: Robert Menendez (D)
Candidate + cash on hand: Tom Kean ($1,839,187)
Opponent + cash on hand: Robert Menendez ($6,339,406)
Kerry vs. Bush in 2004: 53% vs. 46%
Latest polling: Fairleigh Dickinson University: Kean 43% vs. Menendez 39%
Webpage: here[4]

Other: — Kean’s father used to a well liked governor in the state and was also a member of the 9/11 Commission..
— Menendez is now under criminal investigation[5] and that will certainly be a big drag on his campaign.

You can contribute to either of these candidates and help us meet out goal for the 15 day challenge by chipping in a few bucks here[6], at Rightroots.

  1. Rightroots: http://www.abcpac.com/rightroots/
  2. here: http://www.gardforcongress.com/
  3. bio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cExmknaLJGs
  4. here: http://www.tomkean.com/
  5. criminal investigation: http://www.nj.com/news/ledger/index.ssf?/base/news-8/1157696151222550.xml&coll=1
  6. here: http://www.abcpac.com/rightroots/

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