Rockstahs & Cool Sites Of The Week

by John Hawkins | July 1, 2004 6:16 pm

Thanks to Cooper For President[1] for making RWN their “Cool Site Of The Week”….

“Cool Site of the Week – Right Wing News – It’s the Fourth of July Weekend, you’re in a great mood, Iraq is now a sovereign nation, and all is right with the world (almost). All that’s left is a trip to Right Wing News, the online magazine for anyone who isn’t an America-hating piece of dung. John Hawkins is a gentleman and a scholar. His articles are often funny, poignant, and ALWAYS dead-on accurate.”

“RWN — The online magazine for anyone who isn’t an America-hating piece of dung!”

Now that’s a slogan!

Also, thanks to Right Thinking Girl[2] for the kind words…

“Props For John Hawkins

John Hawkins of Right Wing News has been amazingly kind to me the past two days. He placed my “Love In A Dangerous Time” post on the front page of RWN and sent a lot of new blood over here to RTG. Mucho gracias, John. You’re a rockstah!”

Ah, the ‘You’re a rockstah’ part just made that =D

Also, she wasn’t kidding about the “new blood” heading over to see the Love In A Time Of Danger[3] post either.

When I posted that column on RWN — after getting her permission of course — it had one trackback from another website going to it. Today it has 19[4].

I’m just happy that I could help get the word out about such a remarkable column.

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