Rolling Key Race Results Thread

by John Hawkins | November 7, 2006 8:21 pm

Sheldon Whitehouse has knocked off Lincoln Chafee. It’s hard to get too upset about that one since Chafee was genuinely to the left of center and didn’t even vote for Bush in 2004. Good riddance to bad rubbish on that one.

That means the other three key races to watch are Allen in VA, Burns in Montana, and Talent and Missouri. The Dems need to take 2 out of 3 of those races to take the Senate.

In the House.

IN-8: Rep. John Hostettler lost, which was expected.
IN-2: Rep. Chris Chocola lost, which was expected
KY-03: Anne Northup lost, which I had as a toss-up race.

So, unfortunately, the “glimmer of hope” post doesn’t appear to be operative at the moment. There’s not a lot of good news out there right now.

Update #1 at 9:54 PM: I love the Ned Lamont spin. Sure, he lost, but he changed the national conversation with his primary victory. Oh, so that netroots disaster was actually a “moral victory.” Got cha!

On the bright side, FL-13, Buchanan (R) beat Jennings (D) for the old Katherine Harris seat which was a surprise because Jennings had consistently beaten him in poll after poll after poll.

Update #2 at 10:50 PM: Heath Shuler just knocked off Taylor in NC-11. Barron Hill. That’s another toss-up race to the Dems. Joe Negron also came up just shy in FL-16, Mark Foley’s old seat. That was a Democratic leaning seat. Don Sherwood in PA-10 is also going to lose. That was another Democratic leaner.

Update #3 at 11:01 PM: Nancy Johnson just lost in CT-05. That was another seat leaning towards the Dems. Unfortunately, so far, other than the Buchanan seat in Florida, the Dems have been winning every seat they should win plus a significant number of toss-ups. Geeze, it’s not looking very good out there right now….In AZ-08, Giffords is now projected to lose as well. That was another Democratic leaner. In NY-20, John Sweeney is toast. That’s another leaner. They also got IN-9, Sodrel, which was a toss-up.

Update #4 at 11:24 PM: The Maryland Senate race has been called for Cardin, but Steele is refusing to concede[1]. Given that he’s up by 12k votes with 48% of the votes counted and his support cuts across party lines in many areas, maybe he’s on to something.

Update #5 at 12:31 PM: On the upside, even if Allen and Burns go down in addition to Chafee, DeWine, and Santorum, we still hold the Senate if Talent pulls it out and he’s up by 3% with 69% of the precints in.

Still, all in all, it has been — as expected — a pretty lousy night for the GOP.

Update #6 at 12:45 PM: Good night. I’ll be back early tomorrow and working. Until then, sleep well.

  1. Steele is refusing to concede:

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