Roseanne Barr Is The Id Of The Liberal Blogosphere!

by John Hawkins | August 25, 2008 10:21 am

Granted, you can’t say that Roseanne Barr[1] is relevant to the political scene or that her scribblings are influential, like those of the bloggers at the HuffPo or the Daily Kos, but wow, is her blogging fun to read — well, if by “fun,” you mean penned by a liberal lunatic who probably needs her meds upped.

I’m not going to be doing this regularly, but I had to take one more tour through Roseanne’s blog and post excerpts from her “best” posts. Sure, it’s shooting fish in a barrel — but, wow, the fish are right there and just feel compelled to grab the double barrelled shotgun, move it to point blank range, and blast away! (Note that each excerpt you are about to read comes from a different post on the front page of Roseanne’s blog).

i wonder if there will be civil war in denver, due to the choice of Biden instead of Clinton.

peggy noonan is having an affair with satan.

“Presidential” under the new Fascism now means: “Ready to attack another non-Christian country like Iran because they’re “threatening us” (and Israel) and someday they MAY have one half of 1% as much firepower as we do. Who cooks this crap up?

Denver has built concentration camps to hold protesters during the convention. Some say these will later be used as labor camps to house foreign workers who will be paid a pittance. Mccain knows about the 200 detainment camps within the united states, knows about polygymist’s underground railroad of young girls from canada to mexico, and thinks these things are a-ok.

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