Runaway Slave asks One Nation Rally – ‘Free At Last?’

This C.L. Bryant who spoke so passionately at the 9/12 rally. I did NOT know that he is a former NAACP chapter President!

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An interesting article. Here is an excerpt:

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Worse, black poverty is higher now than under President Bush.

In fact, during the Bush years, black unemployment was actually lower than during Clinton’s terms (you know, “the first black president”), at an average of 9 percent and certainly lower than the 16.3 percent it stands at today.

Indeed, under Obama, black unemployment rose from 12.6 in January 2010 to 16.3 percent as of August 1 2010. An almost 30 percent increase.

So far, President Bush has a better track record on black upward mobility than Clinton or Obama.

The painful truth is that blacks kill more blacks (whether by gun or by a trip to the abortion clinic) at a higher rate than the Ku Klux Klan could have ever dreamed of.

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