Rush Limbaugh Says Establishment Republicans ‘Want The IRS To Go After’ The Tea Party

Rush Limbaugh Says Establishment Republicans ‘Want The IRS To Go After’ The Tea Party

Remember when the establishment was on the side of the Tea Party? Yeah, me neither. Since 2009, the Old Guard, have been in fear of the conservative threat to their tightly held power in DC. Now, they have decided to use their power to lash back with the most menacing establishment tool, the IRS.

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The civil war between the Tea Party and the GOP Establishment has been brutal. But could it be the reason congressional Republicans aren’t putting the heat on President Obama for the IRS scandal? : Democratic pollster Pat Caddell thinks so, and radio host Rush Limbaugh said it’s plausible. One historian even told Breitbart News the modern GOP resembles a “crime family.”

“The establishment Republicans want the IRS to go after the Tea Parties,”: Caddell told Fox News on Sunday.

“When you have 71 percent who want an investigation, 64 percent who believe that it is a sign of corruption including nearly a majority of Democrats,” Caddell said, “the: reason is the establishment Republicans want the IRS to go after the Tea Parties. Got it?”
Caddell said the GOP establishment is happy to have the IRS take the Tea Party down a notch.
“Because the Tea Parties are an outside threat to their power hold and I’m telling you : the lobbying consulting class of the Republican party and Republican leadership who have been attacking the Tea Parties, and alienating them,: they want the IRS to do this,” he said.

On Monday, Rush Limbaugh addressed Caddell’s charges against establishment Republicans in his nationally syndicated program.

“That is a serious charge,” Limbaugh said. : “That is a very, very serious charge, that the Republican establishment is aligned with Obama and is okay with Obama using the IRS to investigate the Tea Party. But it’s believable, because we know the Republican establishment, the political class in Washington, is spreading the word that they are not gonna criticize Hillary, it isn’t gonna happen, and we shouldn’t, either. It shouldn’t happen.”

Reagan biographer Craig Shirley told Breitbart News on Monday that he agrees with Limbaugh that Caddell’s charges are credible.”The Washington Republican party is no longer a political party in the way we understand political parties,” Shirley said. “It more resembles a crime family than a movement of ideas.”

If the Republicans in DC are aligned with Obama’s use with the IRS it would explain much. It would also explain why Fast & Furious, Benghazi and other scandals are being swept under the rug and left uninvestigated. I guess turn around in DC is fairplay with “public servants” and Americans are merely pieces on a board.

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