RWN & CG’s Holiday Schedule

Here’s the Right Wing News and Conservative Grapevine rundown for this week (I’m taking the week off).

Conservative Grapevine Guest Posters For Mon, Tue, & Wed.

Michael Illions from Polipundit
Cassy Fiano, who also blogs at Wizbang
Rob Port from Say Anything
Atlas Shrugs
Doug from GraniteGrok

Lorie Byrd from Wizbang
Matt Margolis from Blogs For Bush
Gina Cobb
Dr. Helen
Ron Coleman from Likelihood of Success


David All
Karol from Alarming News
Dr. Melissa Clouthier
Kathy Shaidle Five Feet Of Fury
Jimmie from The Sundries Shack
Sister Toldjah


Mary Katharine Ham
EM Zanotti from The American Princess and The Corner
Amanda Carpenter
Andy Roth from the Club For Growth
William Teach from Pirate’s Cove

Thursday and Friday will be retro RWN. CG will not be updated Thursday or Friday.

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