RWN Introduces You To ImpeachPAC

by John Hawkins | February 8, 2006 9:51 pm

Right Wing News is often unfairly labeled as a partisan, conservative blog when really, this blog is just dedicated to presenting people a fair, balanced, and unbiased look at the news. Just like the New York Times and CNN!

Now most people might say, “But John, the blog is called Right Wing News! You spend all day, every day ripping liberals and talking about things that interest conservatives. In fact, as a general rule, you only criticize other people on the right when they do something you think is embarrassing or when they don’t live up to conservative principle.” On the other hand, some guy once sent me an email saying that RWN wasn’t a real conservative blog and that it was too far to the left for him. So, as you can see, I get it from both sides.

However, to prove that RWN truly treats both sides equally, this post will focus on an important Democratic Website: ImpeachPAC[1].

These spunky Dems have already raised more than $60,000 in 4 months and they’re going to use that dough to support Democrats who want to impeach Bush for not finding WMDs in Iraq, wiretapping terrorists, getting bad press for the administration’s Katrina response (Will Nagin and Blanco be impeached, too? Inquiring minds want to know!), forgetting to brush his teeth, beating Al Gore and John Kerry, and pretty much anything else that comes to mind.

Every single reader of RWN should bookmark this website because no one wants to miss one bit of wacky impeachment news. For example, if you weren’t reading ImpeachPAC, would you know that:

— “(T)he City Council of Arcata, Calif., passed a resolution demanding the impeachment or resignation of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.”

— “(T)he Executive Committee of Democrats Abroad France unanimously passed a resolution calling upon Congress to determine whether impeachable offenses have been committed by the Bush/Cheney Administration and if necessary to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney.”

— “North Carolina Democratic Party Endorses Impeachment”

— “Maxine Waters Says Bush’s Spying Is Impeachable Offense.”

That’s right, folks, apparently the final stage of Bush Derangement Syndome is impeach-a-mania, an overwhelming desire to see Bush impeached for anything, just because — grrrr — you know, that smirk, argh, oooooh he just makes liberals so angry!!!

So, head on over and take a look around ImpeachPAC and if they ask who sent you, for God’s sake don’t tell them it was RWN. They’ll think it’s part of a Karl Rove plot or something!

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