RWN Is Mentioned By John Leo At U.S. News & World Report

by John Hawkins | March 16, 2004 12:03 am

Much thanks to John Leo over at U.S. News & World Report[1] for giving RWN a nice plug in his Sunday column about the 9/11 family members complaining about the original Bush ads…

“One of the conservative bloggers, John Hawkins at, figured out early what was happening. He pointed out that in the big Associated Press story on the alleged furor, “5 out of 6 people interviewed had an ax to grind with George Bush.” Monica Gabrielle, who called the ad “despicable,” is a Bush-basher who turned up on at least nine news sites. David Potorti, who was also quoted in many stories, said last October, “I feel like the foreign policy of the Bush administration is almost like a second assault on us.” Readers and viewers were not told about these anti-Bush sentiments in stories about the ads.”

It’s nice to get a little mainstream media attention once in a while especially from a terrific columnist like John Leo…

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