RWN Mentioned In The Wall Street Journal

by John Hawkins | September 28, 2006 3:19 pm

The Wall Street Journal[1] did a piece on blogs that have run — or refused to run — the “Letter To A Christian Nation,” ad that I wrote about last week[2].

Unfortunately, the article is behind the WSJ’s subscription wall, but here’s the part that mentions Right Wing News:

“Episcopal Life, the official monthly newspaper of the Episcopal Church, has scheduled an ad to run in November. Conservative Web site also took an ad. “I have a policy of running ads unless they are egregiously offensive, say racist or homophobic,” says John Hawkins, the blog’s owner. Mr. Hawkins says he has donated 10% of the money he has received from Knopf to the Salvation Army. “I love the idea of taking money from a militant atheist and giving it to a Christian charity,” he says.”

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