by John Hawkins | April 11, 2006 5:28 pm

Josh from Multiple Mentality[1] writes:

RWN was just on CNN at 4:13pm, in their review of blogs talking about illegal immigration. Dunno if you caught it, wanted to pass it on.”

Anyone catch it? If so, got any details?

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by John Hawkins | September 15, 2004 3:50 pm

According to RWN reader Harvey Stewart,

“I saw your title.jpg on CNN last night. They were talking about blogs and the Bush memo thing.

I forget the exact context, something along the lines of: “…and some blogs make no secret of their political leanings”

… or something like that.”

Thanks Harvey. I always appreciate it when people let me know when RWN is mentioned in the MSM or on talk radio. Did anyone else see the segment or better yet, does anyone have a copy of it?

*** Update #1***: RWN reader Jon Sanford has the details,


The home page logo of RWN was shown in a video clip as a backdrop to the
following transcript:

“SIEBERG: Some lean slightly right or left. Others lean really right or
left. And candidates even have their own blogs.”

As I recall, it was displayed in sync with “others lean really right”[1]“

That’s a small mention, but I’ll take it…


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