RWN Returns Monday

by John Hawkins | September 30, 2005 11:59 pm

Black Conservative[1]

Tammy Bruce[2]

Christian Coalition Of America Blog[3]

Daily Pundit[4]


It’s Gonna Go[6]

Jack Lewis[7]

Let’s Blame Bush[8]

Mister Snitch![9]

Newsbeat 1[10]

Political Humor[11]


PS: I still have two banner ads available. If you’re interested, get the details here[13].

  1. Black Conservative:
  2. Tammy Bruce:
  3. Christian Coalition Of America Blog:
  4. Daily Pundit:
  5. Gopinion:
  6. It’s Gonna Go:
  7. Jack Lewis:
  8. Let’s Blame Bush:
  9. Mister Snitch!:
  10. Newsbeat 1:
  11. Political Humor:
  12. RedState:
  13. here:

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RWN Returns Monday

by John Hawkins | July 22, 2005 11:59 pm


Bernard Goldberg Online[2]

Flash Video: Michael Jackson’s Chocolate Factory (NSFW)[3]

Froggy Ruminations[4]


Hispanic Pundit[6][7]

Mike Huckabee President 2008[8]

National Summary[9]

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum[10]

Victor Davis Hanson: Enough Is Enough[11]

Until RWN gets back, enjoy the week-end links…

  1. Althouse:
  2. Bernard Goldberg Online:
  3. Flash Video: Michael Jackson’s Chocolate Factory (NSFW):
  4. Froggy Ruminations:
  5. GOPness:
  6. Hispanic Pundit:
  8. Mike Huckabee President 2008:
  9. National Summary:
  10. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum:
  11. Victor Davis Hanson: Enough Is Enough:

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RWN Returns Monday

by John Hawkins | July 2, 2003 11:59 pm

RWN Returns Monday: I’m off to the beach on vacation. I will not be returning until Sunday afternoon which means that RWN won’t be back until Monday. As per usual when I go out of town, I’ve put up a few websites I like in the daily news section. If I’m not going to be here, maybe I can at least farm out a little traffic to some deserving blogs.

— RWN appreciates our advertisers at Zogby Blog[1], Electric Venom[2], Ravenwood’s Universe[3], The Catholic Samurai[4], 4ranters[5], American Realpolitik[6], Ghost Of A Flea[7], Widgets[8], & Thank You Tony[9].

— Remember, the money these blogs are paying is paying all the costs associated with RWN. So why don’t you show them that they’re smart to advertise with RWN by taking a look at their blogs? I’d certainly appreciate it if you could…

— June was RWN’s best month ever. RWN pulled 143,205 daily uniques and 262,270 pageviews. My Alexa ranking is now 33,716[10]. That puts me up almost 18k slots from Jan of last year and just behind where Little Green Footballs[11] & Talking Points Memo[12] were back then. If in the next six months I can grow like those blogs did in the last six months, I’ll be a happy man indeed.

— Have a great 4th of July week-end everyone, I’ll see you on Monday!

  1. Zogby Blog:
  2. Electric Venom:
  3. Ravenwood’s Universe:
  4. The Catholic Samurai:
  5. 4ranters:
  6. American Realpolitik:
  7. Ghost Of A Flea:
  8. Widgets:
  9. Thank You Tony:
  10. 33,716:
  11. Little Green Footballs:
  12. Talking Points Memo:

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